• Future Development&Goals

    In 2024, Miézo joined ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and became a member of the F15.42 Furniture Safety Committee with the aim of developing more series of products related to furniture safety.

    Our first product passed the BV F2057 specification testing in March 2024 with the goal to prevent tip over hazzard for clothing storage units.


    Miézo's future goal is not only to empower but also provide safety for living space.


  • ESG


    Promoting Gender Balance: 

    We strive for a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community, with a balanced gender ratio.


    Supporting Women's Health: 

    We offer menstrual leave to support the well-being of our female employees.


    Work-Life Balance for All: 

    We provide paid family care leave for all employees with children, ensuring they can balance their work and family responsibilities.


    Partnering for Responsible Sourcing: 

    We require our suppliers to conduct annual conflict mineral investigations, ensuring ethical practices throughout our supply chain.


    Commitment to Sustainability: 

    We mandate that all our suppliers use materials compliant with RoHS specifications, minimizing environmental impact.


    Continuous Improvement: 

    We conduct annual supplier evaluations to ensure ongoing compliance with our ethical sourcing standards.