• Safety Features



    AWG(American wire gauge) is the standard for copper diameter in wiring.
    The smaller number represents a thicker copper diameter and allows higher currency(Amp).
    If the wire used does not reach the AWG for rating loading, the wire will be heated.
    This imposes huge risk EVEN when users use the products within rating load.
    UL 962A regulates the AWG needed for different rating currency.
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    A small safety part in an electrical device or piece of machinery that causes it to stop working
    if the electric current is too high, and so prevents fires or other dangers.
    For maximum safety for our users, Miezo's PDU series are all built with two fuses for both
    high voltage and low voltage power sockets.
    Any power delievery unit without a fuse can be highly risky as there will be no protection
    against power surges (when users apply loading exceed rating wattage).
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    Miezo's draining hole design can drain liquid inflow if user accidently pours liquid into the
    sockets. These draining holes also prevent eletronic parts from being soaked when liquid
    inflow. Lowering the risk of failure after liquid inflow.
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    Cord holding design can prevent damage to the inner circuit when a pulling force is applied
    to the outter cable. According to UL962A, FPDU products must sustain a pulling force of 35
    pounds for 1 minute without causing damage to the outside cord or the inside wiring.
    The damage to inner circuit caused by pulling the outter cord can hardly be observed until
    product failure .
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    Every Miezo's PDU products have the design of High/Low voltage isolation complying with
    the safety standards. In addtion, the lower voltage unit is also covered with Mylar, a material
    commonly used for insulation.
    Electronic devices without proper isolation for High and Low voltage have high risk of
    causing an electrical fire.